Recommendations for a successful kundalini yoga class.

But if you need to moisten your mouth or trachea, you can have a small drink or sip after exercise, in between. This will be sporadic, leaving it whenever possible to stop before relaxation.
The water will be carried in a closed container to avoid leaks and to avoid deconcentration in case of these.

It is still necessary to emphasize, although to many it seems obvious, that you should turn off mobile phones, clocks with sounds, pagers of any kind.

If your mobile phone is your stopwatch for calculating the time of the kriya exercises, it should be placed in airplane mode (This indication is for yoga practitioners at home without a video guide).

In order to carry out the class, in kundalini yoga it is advisable to dress in white or light colours and preferably that these garments are made of natural fibres and are loose-fitting, especially without tightening the belt.

Women will wear bras or bras without hoops, always recommended a simple top that does not tighten too much and is also light-colored and cotton.

Always have a block, or meditation bench (preferably foldable to use in seated postures that are in motion), or cushion (zafu), or blanket / towel folded to reach the desired height.

In case there is a knee on high and it is a nuisance, a cushion, towel or blanket can be used underneath it to support it. Until over time the hip that governs that knee, becomes flexible and your leg yields reaching the knee to the ground.

This process can last for days, months or years. Be patient and always do warm-up exercises for hip openings.

Use a yoga mat preferably also natural fibers and light colors.
In Kundalini Yoga a sheepskin is used for practice. Although there are more and more new options and moral quality that apply in this area, such as the sheepskin mat without skin or Japanese mat of rice fiber, carpets of jute or spike, mats of natural and ecological rubber.

For Kundalini Yoga it is recommended that the mat is very thick but in my personal experience I prefer a few millimeters as shown in the videos.

Cover your head with a handkerchief, equally clear and natural fibers only if you feel it is time to do so.

Putting on your turban to practice according to the teachings of Yogi Bhajan should not be optional, but I like that everyone respects their rhythms or that they are allowed not to do according to what they feel are not for them.

I always recommend at least to try it on some occasion in order to test its effectiveness and then decide what to do.

Don’t wear jewelry that might hinder or annoy you in your practice.

There is no need to come to class with makeup, let the skin breathe and your eyes in some exercises can get wet or break to cry if you need to release any emotion retained, without fear of slipping your makeup.

If you like makeup is the option to use natural makeup which I will leave you information in the coming days.

You’d better go to every neat class, whether you’re with me in online classes or in face-to-face yoga.

Your practice is your best date, a date with yourself, don’t miss the basics.

At the end of the class is always indicated, without being optional, drink plenty of water during the hours following the practice and eat food of plant origin.

Let your daily life be your true practice. Take what you have learned during the classes in your daily life. Trying to put it into use and letting each person around you follow their own path and course.

If you want to change the outside world first, change yourself. Take care of yourself and leave the rest. Your new vibration, if it is real, will attract new people without having to change them, and the old ones will change if they are ready.

Why is it better to use natural fibers in kundalini yoga? is it really necessary to wear a turban or cover your head to practice? Why eat food of vegetable origin, I continue in the following posts solving your doubts.