Air Conditioning System Conditions

It sounds fantastic. Get the air ducts in your AC system cleaned up and feel confident that you will be taking a breath of cleaner healthier air in your home or company. The problem is that although the duct is the most noticeable part of your air conditioning system, they are not the only part that influences your interior air top quality (IAQ), and are not even one of the most integral parts that affect the energy effectiveness of your system.

What occurs to the air in your home or workplace?

After the air is pulled in from your house or business via your return vents and also duct work, and before it is returned through your AC supply vents, it goes through the blower fan, the evaporator (cooling) coils, over the condensate pan, as well as via the plenum (the box that all of the air conditioning air ducts come out of), and only after that goes through the supply duct. Any kind of particles that has actually been collected with time in the air ducts has actually additionally gathered on the blower follower and also real estate, which every one of the air goes through.

All of the air additionally goes through the plenum prior to entering the supply air ducts, so if the blower fan, as well as the plenum, are not cleaned, the air you breathe is still being attracted over the dirt as well as particles in your system that you thought had actually been eliminated.

Dirt as well as Wetness – A Poor Mix

One of the most crucial parts of the AC system that require to be cleansed are the evaporator coils and also condensate pan. The coils (snaked tubes), which have a cooled cooling agent streaming with them, are numerous layers deep. The air returned from the rooms in the structure is attracted over these coils. The chilly cooling agent in the coils eliminates the heat from the air passing over them and creates the excess dampness in the air to condense on the cool coils and also diminish into the condensate pan.

This is how your cooling system conditions your air – by reducing the temperature level and also moisture. Due to this process, the coils (and also the condensate pan) are often damp, making them the best medium for collecting the dirt and also debris that made you wish to cleanse your duct in the first place. And as this dirt collects on several rows of these coils, 3 points occur.

First, the dirt protects the coils so the surface that calls the air is not as cool as it must be as well as a result eliminates much less warmth as well as wetness from the air than it should.

SECONDLY, the accumulation of dirt on several rows of coils decreases the area between the coils as well as decreases the amount of air that can go through. Both of these problems make your air conditioning system work longer as well as harder, and make use of more power to try to cool your surroundings. For more great information, please visit

And THIRD, you are taking a breath of the air that is overlooking this dust as well as particles, which is the reason you originally wanted your duct cleansed.

Vital to Tidy the ENTIRE System

Having your duct cleaned without cleaning the entire heating and cooling system (home heating, ventilation, air conditioning), would be like cleaning the hose pipe on your hoover without emptying the bag inside. So if you are concerned concerning your air high quality and the power performance of your air conditioning system, have the entire system cleansed.

But beware, in some states like Texas, only companies with a/c licenses can access and cleanse your entire air conditioner system. Firms without a certificate can just cleanse what they can get to from your wall surface or ceiling registers. And as you have actually seen, this would pretty much be a waste of time as well as money, as air duct cleaning alone is not enough.