About Us

Our vision of therapy focuses on the patient’s full protagonism and ability to heal. We know that we can only go as far as he is willing and prepared to go, we know that if healing takes place it takes place from the depth of his being, motivated by the ability to look at the movement produced in the therapy and be able to integrate it.

It is there from the respect, that the work of accompaniment achieves that the patient is liberated and expresses in all its greatness, changing the look to its situation and arriving at its deep healing, the healing of its soul, that deep conscience of all individual. We seek that the person heals completely, thus recovering, if possible, their sense of life.

Sometimes to reach healing we just need to meet again, … lower the noise that surrounds us, … look at life, … take life.

At some point we have all lived the experience of feeling “that life is treating us badly” we do not understand why we have to go through such tough situations, perhaps situations that make us stagger and doubt ourselves, our strengths, our capabilities, if we are going to be able to get out. Situations in which it seems all meaningless.

This is precisely the moment to get going, to take true responsibility for life, for our life and to take advantage of all the teachings received in less difficult times and to begin to act.

We could say that these extreme difficulties usually produce the beginning of a change, one could almost say of a new birth, of a new look, perhaps because in this effort to move forward there is no other alternative.

In my case, it was then when the great change took place in me, when the Universe showed me that applying what I had learned and from the belief in me, could change my life. Also to say that this decision demands a lot of will.

Today I give thanks to life, to my parents who are gone, to all my ancestors who made my existence possible and to the people who have shared in my life. Today I give thanks for having come to this moment and place having learned along the way, suffered and above all enjoyed.

Since I was very young, at about fifteen years old, I had the opportunity to learn radiesthesia applied to health, healing through the imposition of hands such as “Magnétiseur” and distant healing. I must confess that I also used part of these techniques in my business.

Encouraged by the experiences and results I did the training in reflexology and the next step was to train myself in relaxation techniques and meditation as an instructor, in order to be able to use the voice as a means of healing, in this field today I have an experience of thirty-two years. Three years ago I started a blog where I publish guided meditations.

Trained in Family Constellations, Systemic, Organizational… Trained as Facilitator, Companion or Coach, with a wide practical experience in the personal sphere and more than forty years in the professional world of business I accumulate an experience to be able to share and to help.